May 25, 2012 Mykiss Love Desert Style:

Thank you so much for taking beautiful photos, Amy Wennerlind, your the best! And thank you sister Sarah, owner of the Green Dandelion Floral Design, for providing stunning bouquets!

Okay friends!

I have posted new earrings on my Etsy! Check them out here! Don't forget, if you like my FACEBOOK page  you will receive 15% off a pair of earrings! Just remind me when you order. Stay tuned for a Mykiss Love GIVE-AWAY coming in June!

Time-Based Jewelry- These are one of a kind earrings that are special and unique, take a chance, wear something different! The concept is fleeting, literally, these earrings are not made to last forever.  They are made with real flower parts or other natural parts of the earth. The idea is that the beauty of nature is incomparable and cannot be replicated so why try? Taking them from the earth gives them a short life span, making their beauty rare and intangible. But, displaying them on your ears will provide lasting memories and compliments. Their beauty is amplified in their fleeting life span. These earrings are for a very special night! They are used for weddings, either for the bride or an attendee, a special dance or an unforgettable date! You will be the only one in the room with these and they will single you out as a fun, beautiful and special person.

When you purchase these earrings you are supporting an eco-friendly shop! My time-based earrings do not hurt the earth or fill up the landfills. They are easy to compost or will decompose quickly when brought back to the earth. If you save the hardware I will provide the postage to mail the hardware back to me, if done, you will receive 15% off your next pair of earrings! Reuse Recycle Reduce, go go captain planet!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Note: Some flowers are seasonal.

Some of the Time-Based jewelry will last years and years if given the proper care. These earrings are still best worn on special outings, answering a phone often or being too active can shorten the life span of these as they are delicate pieces of nature. Here are some of those natural pieces: (Purchase from my Etsy store or E-mail me)

May 9th, 2012-Earrings from A Wedding Photo Shoot with Amy! The Jewelry and Hairpiece are for Sale!

Lace FLower Hairpiece  34.00


Yesterday Amy came over from Portland to do another photo shoot for Mykiss Love jewelry! We had so much fun. The weather was so nice! We all got so hot we had to seek shade in the trees which really worked out for the photos as well. Amy and I were in the art department together at OSU and I love her work! If you need a wedding photographer or want to take some family photos call her up!
Here are some photos from our photo shoot, I will have more by the end of the month. 

And of course, don't forget: ALL EARRINGS ARE FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or email me at: mykissloveart@gmail.com

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My Beautiful Photographer

March 2, 2012

Here are some images of my jewelry from back in May with Photographer, Amy Wennerlind and my sister, The Green Dandelion. Buy jewelry from my Etsy shop Here! Cheers!


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